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2011 Commercial - Institutional Award

Sponsored by Total Laminating Products

Total Laminating Products

Built by: Frey Building Contractors
Owned by: Seacliff Energy Inc.
Engineered by: Tacoma Engineers & Conestoga Rovers & Associates

Anaerobic Digester Facility
  • Anaerobic digester facility converts local vegetable byproduct into methane producing 1.6 MW of Green Electricity, 1.7 MW of usable heat and high quality natural fertilizer
  •  Electricity is produced by a 1.6 MW high efficiency Caterpillar methane engine and sold onto the electricity grid under Ontario ’s FIT program
  • Collaboration across continents utilizing Austrian engineered technology and European equipment while meeting CSA, NMA, ATEX and other regulations
  • Facility includes 2 digester tanks measuring 24m dia. By 8m high, 3 pretreatment tanks measuring 11m dia. By 8m high, a steel framed pump house and 1 fabric covered steel frame receiving building measuring 24.4m by 48.8m
  • Digesters and Pretreatment tanks constructed in single pour ICF walls and cast in place concrete slabs designed to withstand severe conditions including 60 C temperature, low PH levels and high levels, hydrogen sulfide and sulfuric acid
  • Gas storage system comprising of dual PVC coated polyester membranes with an outer structural / protective layer and an inner gas storage layer that moves up and down with the gas level
  • Specialized agitation systems maximize gas production
  • High levels of automation and programming facilitating single point operation & monitoring
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