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2014 Poultry Facility Award

Sponsored by The Sarjeant Company
"In Memory of Calvin Kloosterman"

The Sarjeant Co.

Builder:  HFH Inc.  
Owner: Eisses Farms Ltd. – Jeff Eisses
Designed By: HFH Inc., Tacoma Engineers, & Eisses Farms
Engineered By: Tacoma Engineers   

Materials Supplied By:  Mar-Span Truss, Agway Metals, Maco Enterprises, ANS Doors

  • State of the art - Layer barn with full automation
  • 65’ X 492’ main barn with 20’ X 200’ manure drying room & 58’ X 77’ front for egg sorting, storefront & additional rooms
  • Optisec Manure Drying Tunnel system using heat from barn with fans to dry manure on conveyor system to minimize smell, flies & making it environmentally & neighbour friendly
  • Fully covered manure storage tank, naturally ventilated
  • Cross ventilated barn with fans on one side & automated baffle board on the opposite side
  • Avech II Enriched Colony Housing System complete with nesting areas, perches, scratch pads, nail files & roosting areas inside to provide the highest form of animal comfort and food safety
  • Lighting in barn is Red Spectrum LED to maximize the housing system.
  • Fully automated & separate conveyors systems for egg collection, feed delivery, & manure collection, also fully automated water delivery.
  • Customer service store at front for local retail to general public
  • Automated egg collecting & stacking system
  • Currently handles up to 44,000 eggs per day – collected in approx. an hour with room for significant expansion
  • Loading dock on backside of egg sorting room
  • Meets & exceeds all of the biosecurity standards in Ontario
  • Epoxy flooring in store & egg rooms
  • Offices, utility rooms, service, full bathroom with shower
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