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The Canadian Farm Builders Association

The objectives of the CFBA are to:

  • Promote and advance the construction of structurally sufficient, environmentally sound, efficient farm buildings in Canada.
  • Promote and advance the standards of farm structures through research, education and practical applications.
  • Encourage high quality work and fair dealings by association members toward farmers and the general public.
  • Represent the association in legislation proposals, codes, safety, labour and other matters administered by governments.
  • Organize and support meetings for the exchange of information amongst the members of the Association.

Achieving CFBA Objectives:

  • Provide regular and appropriate communications regarding the construction, agricultural, and business sectors
  • Issue a monthly newsletter
  • Communicate regarding relationship-building opportunities in the farm-building community
  • Arrange and co-ordinate an Annual Conference and Golf Tournament
  • Organize CFBA seminars in partnership with industry leaders
  • Provide leadership opportunities
  • Maintain a publicly accessible member's database, and support marketing and other promotional opportunities through the CFBA website and newsletter
  • Establish an annual recognition program to reward leaders in the farm building industry
  • Maintain a membership and visible presence with COCA (Council of Ontario Construction Associations)
  • Communicate regarding workshops and seminars available to CFBA members in construction, agriculture, and business
  • Support and facilitate open communication with OMAFRA through their representative(s)
Quality can only come with the knowledge of today's codes, construction practices and environmental requirements.

Typical projects our member contractors build include: 

  • poultry barns
  • drive sheds
  • pole barns
  • beef and dairy barns
  • horse riding arenas
  • vegetable stands
  • machinery storage sheds
  • swine housing
  • hay and crop storage
  • hobby/recreational facilities
  • workshops
  • wholesale & retail facilities
  • manufacturing plants
  • chemical and pesticide storage
  • warehouse facilities

Our builder members strive to have the most up to date information and current knowledge of the ever changing farm building industry. All members are invited to a number of seminars each year to upgrade their expertise in the latest techniques, code changes, and products that are on the market.

CFBA members are simply the best at what they do!