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2014 Dairy Facility Award

Sponsored by Faromor Ltd.


Builder: Post Farm Structures
Owner: Ben Loewith, Summithorn Holsteins
Designed By: Post Farm Structures Inc.
Engineered By: Tacoma Engineers                                                                                                          

Materials Supplied By:  Kenmar Concrete Forming, Agway Metals, Otter Valley Construction, Mar-Span Truss, Stubbes Precast, Ontrack Door Systems, Voisins Equipment Rentals, Ventec Canada

  • 113’-4” x 504’ Freestall Dairy Barn  
  • 532 cow freestall barn – 184 lactating cows, 348 heifers
  • Automatic Houle alley scraper to scraper alleys, scraping to center of barn. Manure pumped to over 350 ft to existing pit
  • Barn designed for maximum air flow utilizing Sun-North ventilation curtains and galvanized wire mesh bird screen
  • Walls are clad with PVC & poly-coated plywood - no exposed wood
  • Exterior finished with steel cladding, and custom trims to match existing with light panels to gable ends
  • 20’ x 80’ slatted link to connect new barn to existing. Allows for cow traffic to milking parlour
  • Vaulted center ridge featuring lexan light ridge with Ventec chimneys to maximize natural light on the feeding table
  • Sand bedded stalls designed with 45 degree angle to inside of curbs for cow comfort
  • Energy efficient LED lighting system
  • Building Code Commission approved alternative to vertical fire separation across barn required due to square footage. Barn design includes various fire-hazard mitigating measures
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